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European capitals tour

European cities are very beautiful. But the capitals are the jewelries of Europe.

Flowers blossom in the summer time, which makes it the best time to go visit them. Many cities have really awesome flower arrangements along the mainboulevards so make sure you pass by them!

New Twitter feature

I just heard that Twitter has added a new function, that is real time video. Pretty innovative. Things are evolving quickly in the Internet…

I also saw on TV, in the footer news, that Twitter site is worth 9 billion dollars. WOAH!

WordPress is awesomely cool

I really enjoy using WordPress to write my blog. It’s a really slick tool. It has very powerful functionality, it looks great and it feels great. I’m feeling like a real pro when I’m writing a new post for my blog.

Belated happy new year!

Well, here it is. A little late, but still.

A new year has come. 2013 is here. Nice number. 0, 1, 2 and 3 in it. That’s an interesting fact, huh?

How To Arrange Flowers In A Round Container

Whenever anyone is planning to organize bouquets in a spherical container the standard method would certainly be to use round flowers. You may use variously colored blossoms to create attractive patterns or employ all the same type and color of flowers for a simple centerpiece. If you prefer a non-conventional style, proceed and get creative with flower varieties.

Beautiful shoe

Alright so this blog hasn’t been much about flowers so far, but promise it will be more so starting with next post!

Today I wanted to mention this astonishing shoes I just found. I got love struck instantly… who wouldn’t. 100% leather, the most wonderful use of leather ever…

You can check out the sexiest shoes ever here.

Gee I wish I could afford that! :P

OK, coming next more posts and pictures of flowers and flower arrangements.

Parla con me!

Parla con me

Parla mi di te…

What a beautiful Italian song! Has a great video too, and a nice message. We need to interact more, the old way, the natural way.

Watch it below…

More rain

It is still raining almost every day and it will continue like this until Monday according to the forecast.

It is quite unusual here in this period of the year, but more it’s quite inconvenient for my family, because they are farmers. The fields are too damp so they can’t plant whatever they have left. Another inconvenient is that the plants that are already on the field need to be cared for against diseases. But the constant rain prohibits them from doing all the work necessary.

Otherwise I think this type of weather is quite pleasant. 20 degrees Celsius is a really awesome temperature.

Roses in the rain

Today has been raining whole day. The yard outside is flooded and the road is soaked. It’s been raining for hours and hours.

One thing I love about rain, along with the sound, are the colors that become cleaner and more intense. The green is greener and the red is redder.

Sure enough the beautiful flowers outside have turned even more beautiful. So I couldn’t resist going out in the rain to shoot some pictures of our freshly bloomed and wet roses. I really like how this picture turned out. There is a fully bloomed rose and next to it there are more buds and that has just began blooming. The water drops make the whole picture look so refreshing.

rose in the rain

I loved this picture so much that I just HAD to put it online ;)


I’ve just started this blog about my great passion, the flowers. I think it should be everyone’s passion! They smell great, are elegant, sweet and incredibly beautiful.

I am gonna post some pictures!

OK enough for now, it’s late and I need to catch some sleep :)